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Who is Başağaçlı Raşit Tunca - preacher Karoglan? biography

Başağaçlı Raşit Tunca – Who is Karoglan Hoca? biography

Name : Raşit Tunca
Middle name: Selim
Pedigree Nickname: Haceliler
Nicknames: Karoglan or Kar©glan and imageman
Father's name: Mustafa
Mother's name: Rabia
Born : 1970 Başağaç


primary school : 1976 -1981 Başağaç
Secondary School High School: 1981 -1988 Sandıklı Imam Hatip High School
He graduated on 13.06.1988 with a good grade of 8.25 Diploma.
High School University: 1988 -1989 AUHF – AYO (Ankara University Faculty of Law – School of Justice)
He left the university unfinished at the end of the second semester in 1989, and a trip to Austria in the summer of 1989.
Vocational Education: Electrical Technician EBT and EIT Sigmundsherberg Austria
Lehrabschlussprüfung 1 :
Elektrobetriebstechniker 25.01.2006 mit bestanden – Landesberufsschule Wiener Neustadt
Lehrabschlussprüfung 2 :
Elektroinstallationstechniker 24.06.2006 mit bestanden – Landesberufsschule Stockerau f Elektrotechnik

Life story

He completed primary school in Başağaç village primary school. He completed his secondary and high school education at “Sandıklı Imam Hatip High School”. During his high school education, he took and won the "free state dormitory" exam opened in his school, and stayed in the dormitory until the end of his senior year. In the second semester, he went home again to prepare for the university exams in a more comfortable environment. He won the AUHF-AYO (Ankara University Faculty of Law - School of Justice) in the 1988/89 ÖSS Exam and went to Ankara for his university education.


His father passed away in 1988


He went to Ankara for his High School Education. For the first time, he stayed in an apartment between the Keçiören casino stop and the highway stop for ~ 3-4 weeks with a relative.
Then he stayed in Ulus in the private paid dormitory 'RESA'.
Then he stayed in the State Mercenary Dormitory in Balgat.


He got married at the end of 1990. He has 2 children, one boy and one girl.


In 1997, she made her Hajj and Umrah visit with her mother (Krems – Hezogenburg Mosque) with the Austrian National Opinion Organization Hajj Organization Caravan.

Religious and Sufi LIFE:

He joined the Order in Burhamiye in 1991.
In 1992, he joined the Naqshband Sect.
~ He joined the Dusukiye Sect between 2003 and 2004.
On his Sufi life Journey, he founded the Rashidi Sect.
He is still on his way as the Founder and Imam of the Rashidi Sect on the Path of Sufism.


In 1989, he became a worker at Schrems Quarry (Schrems, Hatberg 1) in Austria (Wiener Baustof Werke).
Later his firm changed hands twice and became Poschacher Natursteinwerk.
He then took his Exit from the Quarry.
He worked twice at the Big Butcher “Gresinger” (Oberösterreich in Perg) for about six months each.
He did Vocational Training [Ausbildung Elektrobetriebstechniker (Industrial Electrician)], graduated and got his Dimloma. And then he took the [Installationstechniker] exam and passed it, getting his Dimloma.
He worked as an Electrical Technician in Liesing Companies.
Before retiring, he last worked as an Allrounder on “Backwelt Pilz”.
He still continues his life in Austria as "Retired Disabled".


Raşit Tunca Transformed his Sermons on Sufi Religious Subjects, Dhikrs, prayers and information belonging to the Rashidi Tarkat he founded, his experiences on the path of Sufism, his Poems, Articles, graphics, into Books, and Published Normal Book and Electronic Book "EPUB" Versions. Published Free PDF Versions and HTML Versions On Various Internet Pages For Those Without Money And Students. You can get his books from the Publishing House at the bottom and Amazon from Google Library, ….



He has established forums, blogs and internet pages in free and paid Hosting since about 2003, and has shared his sermons and chats and graphic designs in the virtual environment. He is an experienced Webmaster, And finally, to help those who want to have amateur and professional web pages who want to benefit from their experience. and

Of course, the honey holder licks his finger duly, of course, and he set up the TUNCAWEB page on the condition that he receives the fee for the time he spares for them. Those who want to set up a forum page, those who want to open a blog page, those who want to open a photo gallery can get professional support from us.
You can make your requests and applications to our e-mail address.


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